Personalized Product Creation Expertise

Imagine Company stores without inventory costs chewing up your profits!

Digital Printers and Product suppliers add customizable products to our Custom Product Platform (CPP). These product templates are then used by license / brand owners to create personalized or on demand products that they or other retailers add to websites, social media pages or in store kiosks. End customers can see a Live Dynamic Preview when designing personalized / customized products. Once the product is ordered, we then deliver print ready artwork to the chosen supplier or machine via the Gateway Order Management System (OMS) so that the order can be quickly delivered to the end customer.

Think about it.  NO inventory requirements, yet still rapid production using state of the art degital printing equipment.

Corpoate and school programs can rapidly pivot to meet season demand without any cercerns about having "dead inventory".  Have a product that suddenly is out of stock, no problem, simply unpublish the product and replae it with something that is available.

Best of all combine this digital prowess with the premier marketing strategy of one to one marketing. One to one marketing is the holy grail of advertising.  Marketing a brand to and individual.  Never possible before now with digital tools from iPersonalyze it can be achieved.


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What Our Customers Say...

"Looks real good on my phone. I have been busy all day. I had hoped to take some pictures of some of my samples I have but had computer issues yesterday and will be gone most of tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this together finally. Still thinking on Memorial items and adding decals with it since I can do those to (memorial decals).  Thank you so much."

"This is one thing I love about your site and you is the excellent service you have and willingness to listen to our thoughts and opinions and helping us. Thanks again and I will be getting the pictures together hopefully this week if I can get good ones.

Love it so far" -- Diana Church

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