Personalized Product Creation Expertise

iPersonalyze is proud to bring you our unique proprietary personalization tool that will enable you to sell and place personalized special orders for events and special occasions!

Mass Customization enables personalization. Personalization enables true one-to-one marketing strategies. One-to-one marketing strategies enable emotional and relevant brand connectivity. Emotional and relevant branding means huge gains in loyalty to the brand.  Loyalty to the brand means customer satisfaction, bonding and more sales.  At iPersonalyze we believe strongly in one-to-one marketing and mass customization.  These amazing concepts for marketing a brand directly to an individual customer by using personalization has now finally come of age in the 21st Century.  

Contact iPersonalyze for all your large personalized orders.   Our network of personalization suppliers is here and ready to help you sell high perceived value products with incredible potential for impressions. 

The iPersonalyze SO Tool allows distributors and marketers to combine any image or logo with names or images in large quantities quickly and easily. Simply upload your image for your event and then upload your spreadsheet with the variable print names or text that you want us to produce. 

Example:  Large Personalized Order for Teacher Appreciation Dinner

As a promo distributor, you are asked to come up with quick ideas for 400  "swag bags" or gift bags of assorted products for a Teacher Appreciation Dinner at your local school district.  This school district is a big customer of yours but year after year it gets harder and harder to convince them to take the same old chotckies and giveway items.  Besides, everyone knows half of the merchandise is thrown away and most of the rest given to kids.

Ask yourself. How much quality "Teacher Appreciation" is generated with a gift bag like that?  Wouldn't you like to do a better job for your client?  With iPersonalyze now you can using the iPersonalyze SO.  When you join the iPersonalyze Network, you will be able to personalize and brand products.  Show them higher end products like a leather passport folio or a monogrammed phone case that can include a graphic for the event as well as their name or some other meaningful and thoughtful personalization. Instead of sourcing 10 low end items that will mostly be tossed before the night's end, contact iPersonalyze and qet a quote for 2 or 3 quality products that can be tastefully decorated with their name or monogram.  They will keep it virtually forever and the number of impressions you gain for your client are exponentially more.  More importantly, the "Appreciation" you will receive for providing high value and thoughtful gifts will help you grow your business.

Why does this add more value to the Teacher Appreciation event? It is a fascinating fact of human nature that we love seeing our name on quality products.  At iPersonalyze, we have studied this concept and know that quality personalized products give more impressions. 


What's your Story

"My personal business opinion is that iPersonalyze is by far better than Etsy. It allows the customer hands on design capabilities, and gets the customer more involved. It also makes my job easier because it allows for a more clear communication line with design and customization of their purchase. Not to mention there are no per purchase fees with iPersonalyze like there are with Etsy. I look forward to my transition from Etsy to iPersonalyze."

-- Lonnie York, York Impressions