Product Personalization And POD

Our Personalyze-iT design tool and Order Management System can be embeded as an iframe customizable product URLs into virtually any website using our API.  The user experience is straightforward and your customer can easily personalize their own products right inside your existing store. You can set up custom product templates for each product.  Hundreds of websites all around the world use this next generation personalization app to let customers create realistic on-screen previews of personalized products.  Add unique 3D products to your offering on select products.  Your customers will be amazed at the state of the art display.

All you do is download the production ready artwork iPersonalyze makes for you and print the product.  The money is already in a FREE Merchant account also provided to you which is secure and in your name.


Our Virtual Sample Sales Tool is a great new technology that not only helps you get new business ....but also does most of the work!   This time saving software is a money maker for your business and a cool user experience for your customer.  At iPersonalyze we have some great personalization tools but our simple yet powerful technology we are most proud of.  Why?  Because it makes you money. 


You know how customers can work you and take up your time?  They call and ask you to send them a "proof" of a product you product and maybe.......just maybe they will buy.  So you bring up Corel or something else, create a proof, save it then send to customer.  They have to call you back with changes, back and forth, multiple times then finally, maybe you get to take their credit card over phone and start producting the order?  Which at this point may not even be profitable at this point.This can be a time wasting loss of energy and something many spend hours on a day to get new customers!


Do it smarter, faster...cooler by sending proofs and virtual samples to customers the modern way with our next generation Virtual Sample Tool.  It is easy to learn, fun to impress your clients with, and will set you miles apart from the competition. This is how it works.


1)  You select any product in your store and quickly create a 2D or 3D sample proof with a person's name, image, corporate logo or graphical element that you want using our design tool.

2)  You email the virtual sample/proof to the customer and they use the design tool to change or simply accept the graphic.


3)  The Customer then selects the ADD TO CART button right on the proof which takes your customer to your  Shopping Cart for immediate purchase.  This great technology saves both you and your customer considerable additional effort.  You receive production ready artwork you customer has previewed, modified as needed then paid you right from the Virtual Sample proof you send them. 


Finally, all you do is download the production ready artwork iPersonalyze makes for you and print the product.  Your money is already in a FREE Merchant account also provided to you which is secure and in your name.

Our eCommerce Manager Magento Extension was developed for startups and established decorators wanting to add personalizated quickly and inexpensively. Simple yet eloquent, an ECM store enables you to set up a corporate store, incentive program, or awards program in a couple of days using our database of pre-installed products. Any type of promotional products program can be created.  Because our software enables the fulfillment producer to download all customized images as a jpg, png, pdf or vector art, we can put any kind of product with whatever decoration technology is required.

iPersonalyze is proud to bring you our unique proprietary personalization tool that will enable you to sell and place personalized special orders for events and special occasions!

Mass Customization enables personalization. Personalization enables true one-to-one marketing strategies. One-to-one marketing strategies enable emotional and relevant brand connectivity. Emotional and relevant branding means huge gains in loyalty to the brand.  Loyalty to the brand means customer satisfaction, bonding and more sales.  At iPersonalyze we believe strongly in one-to-one marketing and mass customization.  These amazing concepts for marketing a brand directly to an individual customer by using personalization has now finally come of age in the 21st Century.  

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