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 Event Planner- Large Order Personalization

If you are an event planner and a member of CMP, CSEP,M CPCE, CGMP join iPersonalyze and help us help you save our planet from single use plastic.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to personalize each individual product of an order for your targeted audience with their name, image or any other specific information.  Personalize graphics, text or the entire marketing message so it's more relevant to the individual receiving it. This targeted approach has proven to be more effective than generic marketing. Whether producing paostcards, brochures, or hard goods for corporate gifts or promotional swag, on demand printing helps get your marketing campaign off the ground quckly.

On short runs or long runs, iPersonalyze can use powerful software tools to personalize each printed piece based on unique information from a spreadsheet or database of consumer information (name, address, hobbies, interests, age, hair colour – anything you know about them). It is most often used for addressing but is now frequently used to personalize graphics, text or the entire marketing message so it’s more relevant to the individual receiving it. 

Not unlike variable data for direct mail, this targeted marketing concept can be  applied to promtional products to enable true one to one marketing.  Marketing a brand directly to an individual has been a dream of advertisers for years.  Now with digital printing finally starting to replace analog printing in the promotional products industry that dream is becoming a reality.

Think about it ....when you see your name on a quality product do you want to throw it away?  No ,you keep it resulting in more impressions being generated.  The cost per impression of personalized products plummets when products are personalized to the individual.



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