Personalized Product Creation Expertise

Imagine Company stores without inventory costs chewing up your profits!

Digital Printers and Product suppliers add customizable products to our Custom Product Platform (CPP). These product templates are then used by license / brand owners to create personalized or on demand products that they or other retailers add to websites, social media pages or in store kiosks. End customers can see a Live Dynamic Preview when designing personalized / customized products. Once the product is ordered, we then deliver print ready artwork to the chosen supplier or machine via the Gateway Order Management System (OMS) so that the order can be quickly delivered to the end customer.

Think about it.  NO inventory requirements, yet still rapid production using state of the art degital printing equipment.

Corpoate and school programs can rapidly pivot to meet season demand without any cercerns about having "dead inventory".  Have a product that suddenly is out of stock, no problem, simply unpublish the product and replae it with something that is available.

Best of all combine this digital prowess with the premier marketing strategy of one to one marketing. One to one marketing is the holy grail of advertising.  Marketing a brand to and individual.  Never possible before now with digital tools from iPersonalyze it can be achieved.


1:1 Strategies  +  Personalization  =  More Impressions 


At iPersonalyze we understand the challenges distributors face from emerging online retailers. It is extremely difficult to compete on price against internet-based companies when everyone has access to the same product.  How do you differentiate yourself? Now distributors can respond to the online challenge by adding a new level of value to their clients with the addition of personalization to branded promotional products.  Adding personalization creates higher perceived values and delivers exponentially more impressions than simple, ordinary branded products.  Personalized and branded products represent a paradigm shift in expectations that smart distributors are starting to take advantage of.  You should, too, to stay competitive with a changing dynamic market.  Over the last 5 years we have created one-to-one marketing strategies for dand the logistical software to implement personalization.  We knew the you have the software.

1:1 Strategies

1:1 Strategy:  Websites & Facebook Apps

Our eCommerce Manager provides the distributor with Company Stores that can be set up in days, not weeks, which feature our Best in Class online design tool for personalization of promotional products.  Sell branded, branded and personalized, predesigned or customized, on demand or inventoried products in our Quikload.

1:1 Strategy:  Bulk Special Order Personalization

Our iPersonalyze Bulk Special Order tool allows distributors to sell large bulk orders of personalized and branded products.  Using our proprietary technology, each product in the order can have a different name or image in addition to a brand or logo.  Perceived values soar with personalized and branded products and no longer will the distributor be accused of selling "trinkets and trash."

1:1 Strategy:  Personalization Supplier Network

Our Network of personalization suppliers represent the experts in their respective digital arenas.  Distributors can count on iPersonalyze to only integrate and establish network relationships with the best experts. Our suppliers meet our rigid requirements for rapid, on-demand personalization and help us to continually develop our personalization community by working to develop more efficient personalization technologies and strategies.

1:1 Strategy:  Digital Services

For select situations, iPersonalyze will provide AutoPay services, eliminating receivables and payables for participating iPersonalyze members.  Participating members meet standards that ensure a seamless payment. We can also create custom product templates and 3D models.

1:1 Strategy:  Personalyze-iT Online Designer

We searched the world over in order to get the best online design tool for the markets we serve.  There are many options but we are confident we are bringing you the Best in Class online designer built for your business.

3D Designer Demo

Live Demo - Design a 3D Pen Now!

iPersonalyze is proud to bring you our unique proprietary personalization tool that will enable you to sell and place personalized special orders for events and special occasions!

Mass Customization enables personalization. Personalization enables true one-to-one marketing strategies. One-to-one marketing strategies enable emotional and relevant brand connectivity. Emotional and relevant branding means huge gains in loyalty to the brand.  Loyalty to the brand means customer satisfaction, bonding and more sales.  At iPersonalyze we believe strongly in one-to-one marketing and mass customization.  These amazing concepts for marketing a brand directly to an individual customer by using personalization has now finally come of age in the 21st Century.  


eCommerce Manager Platform As A Service

eCommerce Manager - Enterprise Edition PAAS

Need a unique customized ecommerce site for your franchisees?  Or maybe your Dealer network....?  Maybe you are a property management company and need 50 individual sites for 50 senior citizen homes you manage.  Get all you need with our platform.  Each one unique as we refuse to sell cookie cutter sites.  

Our turnkey, simple to use eCommerce Manager Platofrm will let your customer do the time consuming work of designing, previewing, ordering and paying for their personalized product.  You receive production ready artwork and the cash upfront in your bank account.

Easily manage 50 100 200 unique storefronts for your organization.  Designed to be simple for administrative help to work on.  Logical, simple by design, yet powerful personalization if you need it easily obtainable.

We are product neutral and have many new product "editions" or Quikload stores coming online in 2017.

Any digital process from DTG to laser etching can benefit from our production ready artwork.  


Call For Demo or pricing - 888-678-6344


Features include:

  Simplified turnkey eCommerce website

  Our iPersonalyze eCommerce Manager interface for simplified store management

  Facebook Integration

  Print Manager (jpg, png, pdf production files)

  Free Merchant Account*

  Virtual Sample Tool (with Add to Cart functionality)

  Choose from 2000 + Pre-Loaded Products

  Custom Product Template Design

  3D Images


* Transaction fees apply


About Personalyze-iT

Your developers can easily embed the online design tool feature into your existing ecommerce website. Your shopping cart and SEO are not disturbed in any way.  Perfect for clients with established websites who don’t want to impact their SEO or current shopping cart functionality.  

  Features include:

  Online Design Tool for integration into existing site

  Choice of layouts for design tool

  Full Developer API

  Access to Print Manager

  Virtual Sample Tool (Additional Charge May Apply)

  Pre-built plugins are available for some eCommerce Platforms (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, JigoShop). Additional charges may apply for plugins other than Magento.


Virtual Samples, Production Artwork

About the Virtual Sample Tool

Is creating artwork a headache?  Are you spending lots and lots of money on graphic artwork? Would you like to reduce your artwork expenses?

With iPersonalyze you can have an in house or consumer facing Virtual Sample tool that will save you time and money immediately.  Create virtual samples and proofs for any product and the send direct to your customer for approval or let them modify the proof in the designer!  If they like what they see they can simply click ADD TO CART or SAVE and you receive production ready artwork approved by the customer.  SAVE TIME AND MONEY!





Personalization Consulting Services

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Product Personalization Review
Supplier Recomendations
One to One Marketing Strategies

What's your Story

"My personal business opinion is that iPersonalyze is by far better than Etsy. It allows the customer hands on design capabilities, and gets the customer more involved. It also makes my job easier because it allows for a more clear communication line with design and customization of their purchase. Not to mention there are no per purchase fees with iPersonalyze like there are with Etsy. I look forward to my transition from Etsy to iPersonalyze."

-- Lonnie York, York Impressions